Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage (Mukha Abhyangam)

Ayurvedic Facelift

Ayurvedic Facelift

This unique facial treatment originates from Mrs Kundan Mehta’s Natural Face Lift Massage (Facial Rejuvenation) and integrates face lifting techniques and Ayurvedic facial marma massage with the use of nourishing oils.’Mukha’ means face and ‘Abhyangam’ or ‘Abhyanga’ means massage with oil.

The treatment was developed to address current day concerns to look youthful and healthy without invasive interventions. Just as regular visits to the gym can keep you looking fit and toned, regular face massages can lift and tone facial muscles, soften features and keep you looking radiant and healthy with renewed blood and oxygen supply to the face. Kneading facial muscles brings nutrients to the treated area, helping the collagen and elastin fibres retain their elasticity, while stimulating marma points can help release energy blockages. While nothing can permanently halt the ageing process, we can lessen the appearance of damage to our skins through massage, a more positive lifestyle and outlook and avoiding excessive exposure to the sun and harmful chemicals.

This amazing face massage can be used on its own or can easily be integrated into a full body massage routine or combined with any other treatment.


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