Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Face Massage

This unique facial treatment integrates Ayurvedic facial marma massage with the use of a Kansa Wand and nourishing oils. You will also learn how to massage your own face with the Kansa Wand.                                                                                                                                                              The treatment was developed to address current day concerns to look youthful and healthy without invasive interventions. Just as regular visits to the gym can keep you looking fit and toned, regular face massages can lift and tone facial muscles, soften features and keep you looking radiant and healthy with renewed blood and oxygen supply to the face. Kneading facial muscles brings nutrients to the treated area, helping the collagen and elastin fibres retain their elasticity, while stimulating marma points can help release energy blockages. This amazing face massage can be used on its own or can easily be integrated into a full body massage routine or combined with any other treatment.

Course Tutor

Mary Dalgleish will be teaching this course on behalf of Champissage International 

Course Structure

The content of this two-day course includes:

Basics of Ayurveda

History of Kansa and its benefits

Benefits & Contraindications

Anatomy and physiology

Ayurvedic oils and their benefits

The Ayurvedic consultation (discover your dosha)

The facial marmas and their benefits

The facial marma massage sequence

The Kansa Wand massage sequence

Relaxation sequence and finishing procedure

Self massage with the Kansa Wand

Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle advice


This course is registered with the Complementary Medical Association & and attendees can claim 14 CPD points.

Who is Eligible?

The course is suitable for qualified therapists who wish to learn a new skill.


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Course Fees

Course fees vary according to location – get in touch for an application form and course fee details.


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