As far back as I can remember I suffered from various niggling health issues such as ear infections, sinus problems, mild hair loss and digestive disorders. These were not particularly serious problems but nonetheless, enough to leave me feeling congested, tired and generally ‘under the weather’ most of the time.  In fact I almost got used to not feeling great and whenever I felt particularly bad I headed off to see my doctor who usually prescribed a course of antibiotics or other such medication.

In the 1990’s I began to explore the world of complementary therapies as I woke up to the fact that perhaps my health problems could be addressed if I got to the root, rather than continually addressing the symptoms.

Following advice from my sister who was studying diet and nutrition I began to make changes to my diet and found that by reducing the amount of dairy products I consumed, my sinus congestion and ear disorders were greatly relieved.

I became fascinated with Aromatherapy which helped alleviate my stress and digestive problems, Indian Head Massage which improved the condition of my hair, Facial Rejuvenation which did wonders for my skin and my self esteem, Ear Candling which alleviated my ear problems and Reflexology which had an overall balancing effect on my whole being from head to toe!

I gained qualifications in all of these therapies and moved from my job as a primary school teacher to practising and teaching complementary therapies full time, starting in September 1999. I ‘retired’ in 2020 and am now enjoying life in the Cotswolds. 

I once heard a quote, which really resonated with me, and it was “Find a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. I vowed that one day I would feel this way about my job and I can honestly say that in my complementary therapy work this certainly has been the case.

awards 2012 education commended

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