Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki (KV) Foot Massage

Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki (KV) Foot Massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment which helps to balance body, mind and spirit. Just under an hour in duration, the treatment begins by cleansing the feet and legs, followed by some relaxing foot and leg moves. Then, slowly and methodically the entire feet and lower legs (toes, feet, ankles, calves) are encouraged to relax through the application of massage techniques carried out with the aid of coconut oil, ghee (clarified butter) or other oils.

The treatment continues with special moves performed with a small 3-metal Kansa Vatki bowl. The 3 metals used are copper, tin and trace elements such as zinc.  Copper is thought to help in reducing pain and inflammation, tin is believed to be helpful in aiding digestion, relieving headaches and insomnia, while zinc is thought to help in the proper functioning of the digestive and immune systems.

Marma massage is then applied to specific acupressure points – this is a traditional Indian therapy, and is derived from a branch of the martial arts. There are 107 main Marma points around the body, 14 of which can be found on the lower legs and feet. Working these points may help to relieve certain conditions around the body and free the energy flow.

This treatment can be taken alone, or is ideal if combined with another treatment such as reflexology, facial rejuvenation or massage.

You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks, roll up your trousers to above the knees and lie flat on your back, or slightly reclined. Both your head and knees will be supported and you will be covered with a blanket.

Course topics include an introduction to Ayurveda, how to determine your Ayurvedic constitution (dosha) and you will give and receive the KV treatment twice on the day.

Most books and websites on Ayurveda offer questionnaires that can be used to determine your mind/body constitution (Ayurvedic ‘dosha’). You can read more about this fabulous treatment here.

Course Structure

The content of this one-day course includes:


This course is registered with the Complementary Medical Association and attendees can claim 7 CPD points.

Who is Eligible?

The course is suitable for qualified therapists, e.g. those qualified in Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Beauty Therapy etc., who wish to learn a new skill.

Course Tutors

As part of my retirement plan, I will be moving out of London and have decided to wind down my business. I will not be organising group courses like I once did, but I may be able to provide small group or one to one training on request. Contact Champissage International for a list of tutors.

Course Fees

Course fees vary according to location – get in touch for an application form and course fee details.


“An excellent course with a lot of individual attention” (J. Marriott)

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