Natural Facelift Massage – Facial Rejuvenation

According to recent news it’s the end of the ‘nip and tuck’ as people opt for more natural ways of looking youthful. Natural Facelift Massage (also called Facial Rejuvenation) is a truly ‘holistic’ treatment based on ancient Ayurvedic techniques. The treatment, which takes an hour, is carried out with the client lying covered on a massage couch. It begins with relaxation and energy balancing; followed by the activation of specific acupressure points on the face (eight of the twelve major energy meridians have points on the face). Friction movements with varying degrees of pressure are then applied all over the face and neck to detect areas of tension and encourage letting go of habitual facial expressions. The therapist then concentrates on one side of the face with Ayurvedic smoothing techniques to desquamate and ‘iron out’ fine lines and wrinkles.  Deeper techniques are used to release restrictions in the connective tissue of the dermis and lift the underlying facial muscles of which there are over 90 from the neck upwards. Circulation and elimination are improved and the tissues become more mobile. Half way through the first treatment the client can sit up to compare both sides of their face and is usually pleased and surprised at the visible difference.  The same techniques are then repeated on the other side.  The treatment finishes with lymphatic drainage, scalp massage and grounding techniques. Although a difference can be seen after just one treatment (and this makes people want to come back for more!) the effects are cumulative and work best over a course of six weekly treatments, followed by monthly maintenance treatments.  Aftercare advice will include common sense dietary and skincare advice and specific facial exercises to tone the facial muscles and maintain the benefits of the treatment. Here you can see me demonstrate a short and simple self-care face massage – try it for yourself and see the benefits!

Aims and Structure

This comprehensive course provides students with the opportunity to achieve a professional standard of competence in the art of Natural Face Lift Massage and promotes the confidence needed to work effectively with clients.  The syllabus includes:

Practical: Techniques include stimulating pressure points, smoothing, and other specialised lifting techniques. New massage skills are taught on each of the first two days, plus time to refine and consolidate techniques on the final day. Attendees also have an opportunity to carry out the massage techniques on the course tutor who can give valuable feedback to ensure competence.

Theory: Includes treatment background, contraindications, benefits, skin care, facial exercises, client consultation and study of the relevant anatomy.

Exam and case studies: Following the course, attendees are required to do 5 case studies and a practical and written exam (multiple choice). The exam date can be arranged to suit your schedule. Qualified massage and beauty therapists can usually obtain insurance to practice professionally with the Certificate which you will obtain following the course – however you need to check this for yourself with your therapy insurance company.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone may attend the course.   It is an excellent introduction to hands-on therapy, whether you want to pursue it professionally or just use it on your friends and family.  Those wishing to obtain the LCICI Natural Face Lift Massage Diploma must complete case studies and exam as outlined above. Once qualified you can use the letters ‘Dip.NFLM’ (‘Diploma in Natural Facelift Massage’) or LCICI after your name.


This course is registered with the Complementary Medical Association 28 Continuing Professional Development points (CPD) points will be awarded.

Course Tutors

As part of my retirement plan, I will be moving out of London and have decided to wind down my business. I will not be organising group courses like I once did, but I may be able to provide small group or one to one training on request. Contact Champissage International for a list of tutors.

Course Fees

Course fees vary depending on location.


“I feel I got the best teacher and feel very confident with the massage now and ready to start my case studies knowing exactly what I’m doing. Thank you Mary, it has been immensely enjoyable!” Ibbi Lidstone

“Thank you for the wonderful course and for your  hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course and thought that in four days you managed to achieve a huge amount through your extremely skilled communication, demonstration and patience.” Jane Lucas  

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