Massage / Aromatherapy


Massage therapy is one of the oldest methods of healthcare in practice today. It involves the use of different manipulative techniques to move the body’s muscles and soft tissue.  Massage therapy aims to improve blood circulation, increasing the flow of nutrients and eliminating waste products to name but a few of its benefits.

According to recent research carried out at Roehampton University in co-operation with the BBC, massage has a beneficial effect on white blood cells. White blood cells are an important part of our immune weaponry as they fight infection and repair our tissues and organs. ‘White blood cells are stored in specific glands and these are connected to the skin through nerves, so massage is stimulating these nerves allowing the glands to release white blood cells in circulation.’ says Fulvio D’Acquisto, Roehampton University. According to the BBC, the study found that massage increased white cell count by almost 70%.

I combine my massage treatments with Aromatherapy, which is the use of aromatic essential oils for physical and psychological well-being.  Essential oils contain the true essence of the plants they were derived from.  Once they have entered the system (through the skin with massage or the lungs in inhalation) they can begin their healing work and can help improve a whole variety of conditions.

Following your consultation, a massage blend is selected and applied in combination with therapeutic massage. Massage techniques are tailored to the needs of each individual and may be light or deep as required.

Here you can hear me talk about my journey with Aromatherapy!

Dear Mary, Thank you for the marvellous treatment. I slept like a log and my legs are back to normal; thank you for being so kind. I mustn’t leave it so long till next time!” (A. White)

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