Facial Rejuvenation (Natural Face Lift Massage) (1 hour) £50
Massage with Aromatherapy (1 hour) £50
Aroma Back Massage (30 minutes) £30
Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki (KV) Foot Massage (1 hour) £50
Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage (with Kansa Wand) (1 hour) £50
Reflexology (1 hour) £50
Ear Candling (35 minutes) £45
Indian Head Massage (30 minutes) £30
Combine your favourite treatments (1 hour) £50

(90 minutes) £70

ScarWork (1 hour) £50
TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Massage (1 hour) £50

Gift vouchers

Get in touch if you would like to buy a gift voucher for a special occasion. I can send details for payment via my bank account or Paypal and I can then mail or email the voucher to you. You can choose an individual treatment or a mixture of treatments or the recipient can choose their own treatment.

Cancellation policy

Please note that any treatments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment will normally be subject to a cancellation charge.

If you are currently receiving medical treatment for a particular condition, I may require a letter of clearance from your GP or consultant before treating you. None of these treatments are intended to replace your usual medical treatment, but to complement it.

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